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superduper_x's Journal

17 October
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hi. i'm DAWN.



i'm extremely nice. I'm not like anyone else you'll ever meet.
I laugh too much. I Love Shoes
I buy Sobbe's just to read the caps;

Not to mention i'm real. i'll lay my feelings on the table. and i'll stick around. I'm not that smooth type of girl.
I run into things. I trip. I fall. I spill food.
I love my friends with all my heart. [they are my world]
i want to be the reason you smile.
sometimes i have confidence issues.
i collect lucky pennies
i never break promises
i always make wishes at 11:11
I care about other people more than myself
i wish people put more effort into things they want, some things are just worth fighting for.
i doodle on everything.
 I have a best friend named Lisa
I get my heart broken often.
I have O.C.D
I will most likely adore you
Unless you are mean. =]
im pretty sure people get sick of me easily.
most of the time I'm caught up in my own world.
i make terrible first impressions.
i wish i could live up to your expectations.
i wish i made better decisions, i'm sorry<3

p.s. I want to be something in life, & that's all that matters.





♥Alkaline Trio

♥All American Rejects


♥Armor for sleep

♥A Static Lullaby


♥Avenged Sevenfold


♥Brand New

♥Bright Eyes

♥Bullet For My Valentine






♥Daphne Loves Derby

♥Dashboard Confessional

♥Dead kids disco

♥Death Cab For Cutie


♥Dynamite hack



♥Fall Out Boy

♥From First To Last

♥Funeral For A Friend

♥Hawthorne Heights


♥Hot Hot Heat

♥Howie Day

♥Jimmy eat world

♥John Mayer

♥Matchbook romance


♥My Chemical Romance

♥Panic! At The Disco

♥Patent Pending

♥Plain White T's

♥Scary Kids Scaring Kids

♥Senses Fail


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♥Taking back sunday

♥Tegan and Sara



♥The Academy Is...

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♥The Used


and like like xamillion more